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Paris Tribune Post / Lettres Anglophones : un clin d'oeil aux journaux anglais avec "Post" et un clin d'oeil aux "Lettres Persanes" de Charles-Louis de Montesquieu avec ces "Lettres Anglophones". Concerning the word "Post", it's an oblique reference both to newspapers and to the title that Montesquieu had given to "the Persian Letters" - and may be hesitant to write letters to a newspaper from the English-speaking countries.

Paris : Châtelet Theatre reopens after over two years at a cost of € 31,5 million - 13 Septembre 2019

Théâtre du Châtelet first opened in 1862 on the Right bank of the Seine. It was conceived by Gabriel Davioud under architect Baron Haussmann who was ordered by Napoléon III to transform the French...

The world of Roger Ballen between human psyche and the valors of "asphyxiating culture" - 5 Septembre 2019

'The World According to Roger Ballen' combines not only straight photography, but also different techniques like drawings, painting, sculpture and collages. For over more than thirty years Roger...

The Maharaja of Indore, Yashwant Rao Holkar Bahadur, patron of the arts in the 1930's - 22 Août 2019

The exhibition 'Modern Maharaja, a Patron of the Arts in the 1930's curated by Raphaelle Billé and Louise Curtis at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, will run from 26 September 2019 until 20...

The poetic world of Francis Bacon - 20 Août 2019

Francis Bacon was not only a painter but also a prolific reader of literature. His erudition influenced many of his paintings especially from 1971, the year of his major retrospective event at the...

Women's Rugby World Cup : in a one-sided game, South Africa beats Uganda during the Rugby Africa Women's Cup - 11 Août 2019

South Africa’s Springbok Women ended the game on top with a winning score of 89-5, beating Lady Cranes of Uganda on Friday 9th of August in Johannesburg, South Africa. The 2019 Rugby Africa Women's...

Buddha, the Golden Legend, at Guimet Museum - 10 Juillet 2019

In 1889 French Industrialist Emile Guimet founded the Museum which bears his name at Place d'Iena where it still stands with many famous collections of Asian art in its reserves. Curator Sophie...

Tutankhamun : Priceless Treasures Return to Paris for the first time since 1967 - 4 Juillet 2019

Legendary young Pharoah, Tutankhamun, known as the Golden Pharoah, is celebrated by the show displaying 150 precious artefacts, of which 50 have never left Egypt before. Tutankhamun, whose tomb was...

BACK SIDE Dos à la Mode - 2 Juillet 2019

As Fashion Museum Galliera is closed for renovation, the temporary venue is at Bourdelle Sculpture Museum in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. Alexandre Samson, curator of the show, explained that...

The benefits of meditation - 17 Juin 2019

Conference on the benefits of meditation based on Tibetan Mahayana Buddhist Gelugpa teachings. Although the conference was open to the public at large to discover meditation, the methods expounded...

Crédit Municipal de Paris, Paris’s oldest financial institution - 13 Février 2019

History of Crédit Municipal de Paris, from 17th Century to ACPR regulation. Crédit Municipal de Paris was previously known as Mont-de-Piété and it is Paris’s oldest financial institution. In fact,...

The Paris Bourse, from floor trading to electronic exchange - 6 Février 2019

For most of the players on the financial market, the stock market is the most promising sector. It is suitable for most investors and they can earn profits according to the size of their investment....
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